Guest bunny not pictured.

What better way is there to spend an afternoon than with a hot cup of coffee, a spot in the garden, and a good adventure?

Okay, okay, so I’ve read this one before about a thousand times.  Still, it’s an odd feeling to hold a physical copy of my ebook in my hands.  It’s just a proof copy in this photo, but it’s nevertheless a surreal moment.  Maybe surreal isn’t the right word.  Unreal, maybe?

So there is the first Big Announcement.  There will be physical copies available of A Demon’s Duty available to order in the next day or so depending on the vagaries of updating a listing for those who prefer that lovely pulp-and-glue scent of a paper version, and soon there will be a printed version of A Demon’s Sanction available as well.  I know I’m actually enjoying it myself, which is a pit of a surprise.  The whole experience of a story is different when you have to actually turn the page rather than tap or click the edge of a screen.

Naturally, that’s not all that there is going on behind the pages over here, but it’s more than enough for this week, I think.  Summer vacation approaches faster than I can prepare for it, so expect to hear about some real life adventures as well as some excitement for your favorite demon and his growing circle of friends and allies.

I think that even Michael would have a tough time keeping up with an excited kindergartner on summer vacation… maybe.

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