I wish my desk was this tidy.

So I sat down on Tuesday, a bit groggy and on my second cup of coffee, to try to write down a few details of an idea that I’d had overnight.  I went to sleep on Monday thinking about a number of random things in an effort to distract the Anxiety Gnomes who hate sleep as much as I love it, and one of those things was a silly vampire idea.  Now that by itself isn’t very odd, because I love the concept of vampires in a strange way and I’m sure that I’ll come back to that eventually around here, but I don’t often tell stories about them.

Which is why waking up with a story about one was kind of…  odd.  So I woke up my computer and instead of checking my email I opened up Scrivener and started typing.  I was surprised by how much had had down when I had to pause and take my son to school, but I shrugged and figured that I was just being wordy and it was a pretty good warm up for continuing the book I am working on.  Even the imagination needs stretches and warmups, right?

Well I came home from drop off and poured another cup of coffee, and sat down to finish my thoughts about my vampire, and when I looked up it was mid afternoon and I had missed lunch, but it didn’t matter because I had to go pick up my kid from school.  I had written four chapters.


I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with my vampire friend, but I do know three things.  First I know that poor Michael isn’t going to be getting as much of my attention for the editing and revisions his next story *desperately* needs for the next few days.  Second I know that my vampire and his friend are pretty pushy as far as telling their story.  And Third, I know that what I have written?  It’s a prequel.  Or maybe an origin story.  Which makes this a series.  Oops.

And all because I just wanted to distract my mind so I could get some sleep.

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