Summer vacation

dockbannerWell, tomorrow is the last day of school around here, and I am definitely not ready for this.  My son is a force of nature, and that is not just me speaking as a parent.  I’m speaking as a human being and a member of society.  I’m in daily contact with not just his kindergarten teacher but several administrators.  The front office staff knows me on sight, and sometimes just wordlessly hand me a visitor’s badge as soon as I walk in.

Those are tough days, my friends.

But the school is full of very compassionate people, thankfully, and they all understand that my kid has a good heart even though he’s got the energy of the Tasmanian Devil himself.  But now that he’s had a taste of school— which he enjoys, thank all that is holy— but it is also filled with adults.  Professional adults who have been trained in dealing with smart, energetic, challenging children.  Unlike me, who was basically handed a newborn and wished the best of luck.  How we’re going to deal with summer vacation is a mystery.

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We live with his grandparents, however, and between the three of us we may just be able to pull this off.  We have hikes planned, and trips to several beaches.  We plan to do ‘homework’ over the summer from workbooks I picked up at a classroom supply store.  We are close enough to the Smithsonian museums that we have endless possibilities for history, and a huge yard to play and garden in.

And of course, he is his father’s son, so there will be video games galore.

StockSnap_9AY403ULZ7But it’s honestly the hiking that I’m looking forward to.  We’re hoping to sit down mid-hike for a snack and to write a few words about something we’ve noticed.  It will be good practice for the kiddo, and a fun prompt for me. I think that if any of them turn out to be worth a thought, I’ll post them here.  We’ll see.  You never know what a walk in the woods could turn into.

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