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 StockSnap_9AY403ULZ7I’ve known over the years many writers, a large number of visual artists, and of course actors, scenic designers, props makers, and all the many kinds of theatre folk.  It’s an interesting thing that one of the few traits that I’ve found fairly consistently across all of these profession is an tendency towards depression and anxiety, and other associated issues.  Now, I am absolutely not trying to draw any sort of conclusions about it— I am not a scientist of any flavor (well, maybe elementary-school-science-fair flavor,) so I am not claiming causation or correlation or anything of that sort.  I am simply expressing an observation.

It’s a slightly important observation for me, however, since I know perfectly well I suffer from both anxiety and depression.  Neither is particularly well handled, but I’m working on it.  However, it seems that lately, when the depression grabs hold of me I start reading.  All day while I know I should be doing other things and being productive.  All night while the Anxiety Gnomes chip away at my ability to sleep.  I have read easily twenty novels and novellas in the past week.  Yeah, I know.  It’s a little absurd.

For the past year my Depression Reading of choice seems to have been paranormal adventure romances.  Dragons trying to save their world while finding a nice little girlfriend to help ‘em out with that.  Bear shifters fighting motorcycle gangs and saving the town while accidentally spilling their deep, dark secret to the Right Woman.  Two shifters handcuffed together and stranded on an island to be hunted by Evil Shifters, Dangerous-Game style.  Fun times.

I think that’s one of the reasons I wrote my accidental novella.  I enjoy a solid paranormal adventure, and while I don’t mind a sex scene or two, they’re not what you’d call necessary to the plot 99% of the time.  So while I’m in a down part of my cycle I’ll devour reading material, then when I’m up, I guess I write the things I’d like to read in the next round.

Having good allies in a fight like this is very important, even if they are a were-dragon and a witch teaming up under duress against shady scientists bent on World Domination or something.  Hmmm…  maybe I should write that one next to fend off the Anxiety Gnomes for one more night?


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