Odds and Ends


Lots of things coming up over the next few weeks in my universe.  I’m working on the print version of A Demon’s Sanction, and with some luck that should be available in a week or two.  It’s rather startling how many minor typos and such you can find in a printed version of something.

The Goodreads contest was quite a success, in my opinion.  And it was a ton of fun for me to wake up every morning and see that there were so many people entering, it started to feel like I was the one getting the prizes!  Even mailing off the prizes was a ton of fun for me, which is odd until you realize that my local Post Office ladies are amazing and I love them forever.  I expect that it won’t be the last contest I ever run over there, so if you missed out this time around, keep your eyes peeled.  I’ll let everyone know when the next one is coming up.

Another fun and exciting thing coming down the pipeline is the third Riverton novel:  A Demon Saved.  My Beta Readers are getting their notes back to me and I’m starting on final edits soon.  I’ll probably publish an excerpt or two in the coming weeks, as much to give you a taste as to give myself a small reprieve here on the blog because…

I am traveling to Japan at the end of the month!  My husband, as some of you know, lives there and our son and I miss him terribly.  We finally have a chance to go visit him for a few weeks in Tokyo and we are super excited!  The only trouble, really, is that it means my schedule is all shot to pieces.  I have no idea how well I’ll be able to get posts up, so I’m planning to schedule posts ahead of time.  I apologize if everything here gets a bit screwy for a week or two.  At least you’ll know why!

So there’s a bit of housekeeping for you, my faithful readers.  Bits, bobs, and things you might like to know.

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