Going out to grab lunch with some friends, then groceries!

Meaning ‘housewife’ (according to my husband, since my Japanese is not great so far.)  This is, of course the other side of our trip.  We’re hoping that by this time next year the whole family will be living here in Tokyo, so while my husband took a couple of Fridays off to spend with us doing family things, he’s still going in to work the other 4 week days, leaving me and our son to our own devices.

I still need to get more comfortable taking the train on my own.  Once I can figure it out and know the city better I think I’ll be able to get anywhere on my own, without my husband translating everything for me, which has been a little frustrating.  My natural introversion and shyness are making that a bit tricky, but so far I haven’t gotten lost, so I’ll take it as a win.

Grocery shopping is a slightly different experience here, with the added level of complexity that I can’t read the labels nor ask for help very well.  But still, I’ve done all right, finding coffee and flour and so on.  Granted, my son seems to have memorized the closest grocery store already so that helps a lot!

Cooking is a challenge in the tiny kitchen here, but I can manage fairly well it turns out.  Laundry is much more frequent a thing in my week, but it seems somehow less


photo credit: jpellgen via PhotoPin

onerous.  Washing the dishes and taking out the trash are also oddly different experiences.  But it’s all just living our lives, which is familiar, and pleasant, and relaxing in a strange way.  My son (whose Japanese is much better than mine already, at seven years old) helped me figure out the closest combini, and we’ve found three playgrounds already, one right next to a tiny family-run produce shop.

I have to say that  I don’t really want to go back at the end of this trip.  I feel like I’m home now, which seems strange to me after only a week.  It took me longer to feel comfortable when I moved to California!  So when we do get back it will be time to put the work into figuring out the logistics of the move.  For now, though, we’re out of bread and milk, and I need to figure out what to make for dinner since it seems I’m heading out to buy groceries.

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