Work Flow


I brought plenty of work with me on our trip.  I have the next books to edit.  I have the proof copy of A Demon’s Sanction to look over.  Clearly I have this blog and the whole rest of the internet (although I hope I can be forgiven for slacking over on Facebook and Twitter, what with this being my vacation and all!)  Clearly I have plenty of things to do to keep me busy while there are no other exciting excursions planned and I wait for the laundry to finish running.  I was a Responsible Adult and brought my work with me.

I’ve pretty much ignored all of it.

Part of the reason is entirely understandable, I think.  I am here for vacation, and to explore a country I’ve wanted to visit for my entire life.  Even though we only made it outside of Tokyo once, for just a few hours, there is so much to do and explore here that I haven’t had a chance to get bored of the nearby area yet.  Tokyo is a huge, interesting, and diverse place that can take you from hundreds of years ago to bleeding edge of the future, and then around the world just for kicks.  I don’t have anywhere close to enough time to explore everything and get tired of it.

The other trouble, of course, is that my whole work setup seems to be dependent on my desk.  I guess that if I am away from it, I have trouble getting into the right headspace for sitting down to work.  I’ve taken my editing on the road before: it’s not completely unusual to find me on the electrics shop sofa typing away on my odd little portable keyboard when I have some downtime a theater gig and a deadline to make. (I live a double life, what can I say?)

But this place feels different.  It’s still home, but it’s not home-where-my-writing-setup-is.  For me a theater is still a work space, so I suppose my mind can accept that, but here?  Here it’s just our apartment, and the only work I associate this place with is the work of every day life.  I don’t have much time left here to get into the right mind frame to be productive, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to accept this as a regular vacation, rather than a working one for the most part.  Next time I’m here, though, I’ll have to plow through some of the things on my To Do list, and carve some of that work flow mentality into my associations with this place, right alongside hanging out the laundry and trying to figure out this wretched vacuum cleaner.

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