StockSnap_3BWN7KIF4TWe’re all back in the States now, the whole family.  It’s a very odd feeling at the moment, but we’re slowly making sense of getting back into our routines again.  It’s Sunday now as I type this, and I don’t think any of us are quite in the right time zone yet even though it’s been several days.  I have to admit that I’m emotionally ready to move right now.  I know that there’s a lot of work to do before we’re tot he point where the whole family can live in Tokyo— visas to apply for, things to pack, money to save up.  We have to find a good school for our son who may need a little extra attention to make sure he does well at first, even though his Japanese is far superior to mine.  Still, it felt very much like home while we were there and it’s been difficult to leave that.

Regular Life beckons us, however.  I have back to school shopping to do, the blog and the social media to polish up since I ignored them so much during our vacation.  I have to mention to you that the paperback of A Demon’s Sanction is available now on Amazon.  I have to get back to editing the books that are coming up— yes, I said books, plural.  I’ll be releasing the next two simultaneously for reasons that I hope will be clear to you when they become available.  I’m planning to present to you fine folks a few more excerpts in the upcoming weeks, a little bit of both books.  Michael goes through a great deal in one, and in the other a new friend comes to terms with his new life.  It’s a bit of a softer story, that one, but I have to admit that I’ve become very fond of Brian.  I hope you do too.

14949202534_bacd339174_bStill, I feel like I’ve left part of myself in Tokyo.  Not just because my husband lives there and we all miss him so much (which we do, desperately,) but also because I felt like I fit a bit better there.  It seems like I may be hurtling headlong into the very same story that Michael himself did.  Leaving the home I know and understand for an unfamiliar place, and finding, perhaps, a better version of myself.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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