I basically spent this weekend curled up in bed being ill, so I have no insights to amuse, nor rants to annoy you.  I apologize, and I’ll work harder on fulfilling my duties here in Blogland.

Instead, I present to you a page that I tossed off in response to a bit of a challenge from my dad while we were on our workout warmups a while back.  We see lots of interesting things on the path by the creek, and one of them was a mother and her son.  The small slice of their interactions that we saw was just interesting enough that we spent the rest our walk coming up with scenarios for them.  This is the one I came up with when we got home.  It’s 100% raw: unedited, unrevised, basically forgotten entirely until just a little bit ago when I just wanted to get back into bed rather than come up with anything creative.  Hope you enjoy it.



I sat back in the shrubs, leaning against the trunk of a tree and trying to look like yet another piece of litter washed up by the bike path.  It worked, mostly, thanks to the clothes I scavenged from the strung out bum I found behind a dumpster a few days back.  Just another bit of garbage to ignore as the people walked by.  Hiding in plain sight was one of my favorite gambits, mostly because I got to watch all sorts of interesting things while nobody at all watched me.

Take for instance the pair that stood, bickering not twenty feet from me.

Any casual glance would write them off as a mother and son, dancing to the ancient tune of family life.

“Well, where now?”  the woman asked, tucking a hank of long, dirty blonde hair behind an ear.  She shifted impatiently, waiting for an answer while the boy glared at the screen of the device in his hand.

“Hang on.”  He grunted, staring intently at whatever it was he held.  She shifted her weight back and forth, making her long skirt swish against her ankles and jingling her bracelets quietly in the dusk.  Cars passed in a hurry, using the small parkway as a shortcut between neighborhoods.

Me?  I knew better.  No mother would let her prepubescent son give her quite so much attitude as this kid was bringing to the party, and no kid would be swearing like a sailor at his mom without so much as a reprimand.  Nah, it was clearly the kid who was in charge of this odd pairing, and I knew why.  What I didn’t know was how they ended up in such worthless bodies.  Well, worthless to them on their current mission anyway.

I had to smirk, because not only were their bodies not helping them, but their tech was doing them no favors either.  I mean the thing had one job, really.  It was a tracking device, supposed to home in on a bit of escaped mayhem currently loose amongst the humans, and it was failing at it’s job so badly that I really had to work at not smirking.

I didn’t want to make their lives too easy, after all.

I know that the warden would send bounty hunters out after me, and I knew that I’d have to work extra hard to avoid them because they’d have been given first class disguises to blend in with the locals.  I had no, however, expected them to send the Shadoworld’s answer to the Keystone Cops, and I really did not expect them to piss off the transport guys so badly as to land in some sit com disguises.  Usually the hunters got ‘ported in bodies that generally resembled their normal selves: big, brawny, and badass.  These two looked more like Abbot and Costello on an off day.

I sighed.  I was going to have to keep tabs on these idiots or they’d get themselves killed.

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