I’ve been struggling since I got back from vacation.  It’s not only the normal post-vacation slump, although there is a fair amount of that, but it’s a nearly pathological reluctance to write.  More than writers block, I have struggled to get these blog posts out, to post on Facebook, even to answer emails.  I’ve danced around any actual writerly effort for weeks now.

Part of it, I suppose, is the waiting.  I have a novel out to my Faithful Beta Readers right now so I’m sort of waiting on that.  (With a little effort I hope to have you lovely folks not one but TWO new books to tickle your fancy by Halloween.) Part of it is that I’m unhappy with how one of my characters is behaving.  He’s being whiny and obnoxious and I have to go back and rethink a fair amount of work which is both daunting and demoralizing.  Part of it is…  I don’t really know.

Which of course ends up making me feel guilty about it all, which isn’t helping me claw my way out of this.

I am working, though.  Slowly.  And doing some other things.  There’s a Goodreads contest open right now until the 29th, for example.  If you haven’t read it, and you’d like a paperback copy, go on over there and check it out.  I’ve found some online resources that have been coming in handy.  (I really enjoy Visuwords.  If you need a thesaurus.)  I am reading a lot, again, which honestly bodes well.  Whenever I take time off from reading my brain starts going a bit flat.  Even if they are popcorn books, I find that I can take away interesting ideas (stem cell therapy for werewolf sense damage? Neat!) and even in a trash romance I can learn new words and interesting turns of phrase (supernal is a great word.)

So I’m doing something beyond just sitting around not producing a great deal of writing.   I think Michael is finally starting to get a solid handle on his new life, poor old demon.  And though you haven’t met them yet, I think both Brain and Kai are starting to get themselves into some sort of decent shape.  It’s taken a while though, and Kai is still giving me backtalk about it.

What can I say, my characters speak to me, and when they don’t feel like working it makes my job even tougher.  But then, they’ve been on vacation too, I suppose.


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