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I just found out that blog advertising via Pintrest is a thing.  I have to be honest with you, I don’t get it.

I am clearly not in marketing.

But!  I have used Pintrest for a number of interesting things both personal and professional.  I’ve wandered down alleys and byways of the internet finding little facts and odd details to flesh out my stories. I have looked up images that I use to base characters physical features on.  I delve into strange bits of esoteric nonsense that can inspire a new addition or deepen the existing puzzle pieces of my work.

It’s nice to be able to have one place to keep all this stuff together, especially with a series.  I use Scrivener to write, so I can easily keep track of the research I’m using for this or that, but sometimes I need to go back and check something from the last story.  And then there’s Michael.  It’s tough keeping all his history straight, since he’s had so freaking much of it.

Then there’s the fun questions of ‘when DID blood donations start being a thing?’ and ‘would they have said that?  How really would they have cussed him out?’ that are fairly specific questions, but can be used across a number of different works.   Pintrest is a pretty decent way to keep all that reference material organized and accessible outside of my Scrivener notes, and frankly I hadn’t even thought about it until I read about the Top Five Ways Pintrest Can Triple Your Blog Traffic!!!

As much as I appreciate every reader here, I am more curious: if I started a Pintrest board (or boards, more likely) for my writing, would anyone be interested or would it be for my own mental processes and ego stroking?  I’m honestly interested to know, so leave me a comment, would you?

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  1. While I’m certainly familiar with Pintrest, haven’t ever looked at anything there. Just too many social sites to follow ’em all. Regarding note taking and such, have you checked out Evernote? I use that all the time for web clippings, notes, etc.

    • I’ve looked at Evernote, but it’s never really clicked for me. Granted I am not the best pinner int he world, either. I’m a bit slapdash and then forget to go back and look at my boards…

      If I knew people were looking, though, I’d probably feel more responsible about it, and actually pay attention to what I was doing there.

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