So everyone knows the State of the Author, I’ve decided that a few updates are in order.  I’m editing things right now.  Big shock, I know, I’ve been talking about it for weeks now, but I can honestly tell you that I’ve made huge amounts of progress!  In fact, one book is finished and almost ready to go!  Just that fiddly cover getting/formatting/prepping-for-print-and-upload nonsense that everyone insists upon so strongly is left now.

But I’m not just editing my own stuff, either, which is wacky to me.  I’ve been working on my critique skills in a few ways and I’m a bit proud of my progress.  My dad has some fun work on the simmer, and it seems only fair to offer my service as his beta reader since he does the same for me.  Common wisdom is not to use friends and family as your readers since they’ll try to spare your feelings even if your work is terrible.  These people have clearly never met my friends or family.

Although when one of my other friends sent me his first chapter, I did try to soften the blow a little by using my ‘nice’ words and not swearing as much.  Still told him where it sucked though.  I’m mean that way— but then it was nice to hear he’d gone back through his work and taking most of my advice.

It’s nice to feel like I’m making a difference in the world.

So, with my son back in school here in the US, hopefully hardcore learning some mad classroom behavior skills, and half my fall releases in a more or less finalized form, I’m feeling like we’re in pretty good shape here at Chez Riverton.  I’m able now to look ahead to next year’s slate— maybe another Riverton book to work on, but definitely some fun non-Riverton adventures in California to amuse you all, waiting on deck to be subjected to edits and revisions and all that fun stuff.  I’m not reading up on mythology just for funnies, you know.

So in the next couple of weeks sometime I’ll finally be able to post the cover for A Demon Saved, (hey, a title!) and hopefully shortly after that I can post the cover for Personal Demons (what?  Two titles?!) which will be up for pre-order soon.  I’ll also post some more excerpts, and finally introduce you to Brian.  He’s got a few troubles, but I’ve grown rather fond of him


Here’s a forest.  Because I like them.  

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