This is basically my house today.   Photo credit: kristen & todd via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

I spent all weekend clearing out my storage unit near San Jose.  This was no mean feat and I did a lot of the work all on my own over two days, lugging nearly all my worldly possessions to put them in a U-haul shipping box.  So, basically, I was far away from my computer and now everything hurts.

Seriously, everything.  I am not 20 anymore.

And naturally I came home to a sick first grader, so basically I am just jotting down a quick note here apologizing for not having something witty and entertaining for you.  I just need a day or two to recover.  My son and I might be spending the day on the sofa playing a Paper Mario game in our pajamas.

If you’re bored, though, may I suggest a good book?   A Demon Saved is out an ready to be enjoyed by all and sundry!

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