Ladies and Gentlemen!  Many of you know or have figured out, that I am a live theatre person.  It is, in fact, what Iw as trained to do for a living, and what I have my degree in.  No, I don’t act.

I’m a technician.  Stage crew.  A backstage, in the dust and grease and lord only knows what else, I know how it works and still think it’s magic person.  I love live theatre, and while not every show is my personal cup of tea, I can’t deny the excitement of waiting for the house to settle and the show to start, no matter where I am for that moment.  And don’t make a mistake, here.  It doesn’t have to be on Broadway, even street performances have that moment.  It gives me goosebumps.

Which is my way of easing into the fact that starting next week I am going to be taking


Photo credit: piermario via / CC BY-NC-ND

on another job.  I’ve got a gig working at a theatre in the area and the rehearsals that I need to start attending begin soon.  Which means that my schedule is going to consist of approximately 3 hours a day in traffic and 14 or so hours at work, and if I’m really lucky I get to sleep in there somewhere.


There might be a slight disruption in my update schedule hereabouts on the blog.

I hope not, though.  I’m working to get ahead of myself a bit, but there may be a few posts from the past, or something short, sweet, and to the point.  There will definitely be a free chapter or an extended excerpt coming up in the newsletter.  (Have you signed up for that?  Check the sidebar!)

There are so many shows, and so much opportunity to see a live performance.  The show I would really love to see next?  The Play The Goes Wrong.  Because trust me.  It is really hard to have things go wrong on purpose.  What do you want to see?

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