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I have been buried deep beneath a pile of tap dance numbers, automated scenery, and scorching hot lights.  Not an exaggeration, either.  I’ve got quite a collection of burns from brushing up against the spotlight I’m operating.

I’ve been doing some work while I can, while I’m on breaks (so, I guess I’m just working through?) doing some edits on paper with a pen!  I know.  Old school.  I’ve also been reading voraciously.  Nothing I’m willing to share since mostly it’s been pretty trashy, even if it has been fun.  I needed something light I could dip in and out of while I was on breaks and what have you.  Though I have dipped into a couple of marketing books geared towards indie authors as well.  I am going to reread something today, though, and I’ll bung up a review of it on Monday after I’ve had a chance to organize my brain a little better.


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If you’ve checked out my Twitter feed, you’ll know that I’ve also been having fun with school drama, and have started thinking of it as a first-grade soap opera.  As the Playground Turns!  There’s been friends torn apart and reunited, battles played out with rocks and words, parties, punishments, tears, laughter, and everything in between.  But apparently, that was last week.  After attending some birthday parties over the weekend, everyone seems to be friends again and we’ve heard no more about it.

Kids, go figure.

So I guess this post is mostly about how I can’t really come up with anything to post about today because my brain is so painfully full of live theatre and elementary school squabbles.  Drama in every aspect of my life I guess!  I definitely need more coffee to keep up.

In book news today, A Demon Saved is up for free for the next 4 days, if you haven’t already picked it up, now’s a great time to do so!  If you wanted to leave a review for it as well, I would be deeply grateful.  Personal Demons is still in pre-order until November 20th, when you get to find out what the heck Brian gets himself into!

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