So I have a confession to make.  I’ve been writing a lot.  Just… not all the same thing.

StockSnap_LTY3TGLE73I know, I know, that makes no sense when I say it like that.  What I mean here is that I have several things in various stages of completion, and not all of them are based in Riverton.  In fact, only one of them is.  Brian is getting another book, but he and the rest of the Riverton Clan are being fairly stubborn at telling me what the hell is going on with them, so while I’m waiting for them to get it together, I’ve been working on a completely different story in a completely different universe and revisiting my life on the West Coast.

While I’ve never actually lived in Los Gatos, California, I lived close enough that I didn’t mind shifting the actual geography around a little bit to carve out some space for my little community of non-human folks, and I only felt a little bit of guilt when I sent some monsters in to plague the whole area.  Then I’m also working on the sequel to that book, and let me tell you that the main character for it is causing me some serious heartburn.

Then there’s the One With The Dragons, which I don’t even know what to call yet.  It’s still somewhat half-formed, and while still solidly in the Urban Fantasy realm it seems to be dipping a bit into mystery as well.  Actual mystery not just the ‘how do we stop the bad guy’ sort of mystery that Michael has been dealing with.


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The thing of it is that I now find myself juggling multiple franchises, and may I just tell you that it’s a bit tricky?  I’ll get an idea for one of them while trying to hash out the next plot point for a totally different world.  I’ll solve one problem then realize that I was using the personality of a different character completely.

And then there’s my Accidental Novella.  Remember that from a while back?  It’s still simmering quietly in the back of my mind.  It’s been kicked back to the front of my mind by Skim Blood and Savage Verse, thanks to several similarities, not the least of which being the vampire-cop angle.  I’m not nearly as funny as Angel Martinez though.

I don’t have a great point to all this, I guess, other than to let you all know the state of my work and to express how frustrating it is to have so many worlds in my head at the same time.  It’s gotten pretty crowded in there.  If you find me muttering to myself it might be best to start by asking who it is I’m talking to, and what universe they live in.  It would help me come back to this universe and, you know, Real Life.  Whatever that is.


Photo credit: Marvin (PA) via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

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