Someday I hope to escape from the questionnaire mines…

So this past few weeks have been pretty nuts in my Real Life.  I’ve been working outside my home again (I’m a freelance theatre technician in my copious spare time…) and there’s holidays and social schedules and crap to organize, I’ve caught a nasty cold.  And then there’s my son who’s been having trouble at school, both academically and otherwise.  If you read my tweets then you know that there’s been some playground drama, and it’s just sort of spilling into all aspects of his behavior.


Thing is he’s a kid dealing with being on the Autism Spectrum for whatever that tells you.  Seems that everyone hears that phrase and thinks something different, and I guess that’s partly a result of the ‘spectrum’ part of it all, but really it’s just mostly exhausting for everyone involved.  So we’ve been going through all this evaluation stuff and I filled out a literal inch of paperwork the other day, answering insane questions like ‘does he operate a car safely?’ and ‘Does he get to work on time and appropriately dressed?’

Dude, seriously, he’s 7.  The first questionnaire was for “ages 5 – 21” and I’m sorry.  But a


After this, I’m going to borrow Dad’s car and go drag racing!

kindergartner and a college kid are WILDLY DIFFERENT on the old age appropriate stuff scale.  So I’ve gotten to wade through all that sort of thing, and try to find solutions for classroom problems with his teacher and all sorts of other fun things, almost all of which involve filling out yet another form of some sort, to add to the many forms that they already have on file that ask basically the same things.  I filled out a full one-inch stack of papers asking the same questions over and over.




I have some more forms for you…


Really, I’m just tired of answering foolish questions, and being sick, and coming up with solutions when I’ve literally run out of ideas.  I’m much better at solving problems when they don’t involve real people, honestly, and I just want everyone to be happy and deal with it in real life so I can get on with the business of leaving bodies in alleys.


Okay, he’s not actually dead.  Just almost dead.  You’ll have to come back later to find out if he makes it though…

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  1. Hope you’re talking about a character being in that alley. And forms can make you wonder what the form-compiler was thinking, how are the questions relevant and what kind of answer jargon is it satisfied with. No wonder you have a cold!

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