How to spend the day with a sick kid.  Hopefully, at least, cause I’d like less cleaning up vomit…  Photo credit: kristen & todd via / CC BY-NC-SA

Funny how it gets int he way so darned often.  I don’t have a lengthy post today because who’s got time for that when their kid is sick?  So I just have a few quick updates.

Some of you got to Beta read Sarah’s Inheritance, and I’m going through my final edits now!  I hope to have it ready to go in early January, so keep your eyes peeled!  Want to join my Beta reader/ARC team?  I will be asking for volunteers for the 2018 releases in my newsletter soon, so if you want to be involved, sign up and you’ll get the chance at first crack at my new books for free!

I have been working hard on my new series.  I’ve had several of the characters whisper things to me that I don’t really understand.  I’ve been assured that they’re important puzzle pieces, but I don’t see the whole picture yet.  It might just be that I haven’t gotten to that part of the story yet, or even haven’t gotten to the right book in the series!  We’ll see.  These people are both fascinating and pushy.  I hope you like them as much as I’m getting to.  Hopefully, you can meet them come springtime.

Meanwhile, Brian is being extremely stubborn.  He just doesn’t want to do things my way, which means I’m going to have to tackle this story from another angle somehow.  I’ll figure it out soon, I’m sure, but it’s probably not going to be out there till March maybe.  We’ll see.

So that’s the State Of The Universes over here in Casa de Sick Kid.  With a little luck, I’ll get some edits in tomorrow while The Boy sleeps off his fever.

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