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Research is a funny thing.  I have my characters wandering into a truck stop roadhouse in order to get into some trouble (like one does at these places when one is in a book,) and I wanted to have a good idea of what the place looked like inside to give myself a decent guideline when I fleshed out a description.  So I went over to my trusty Google page and searched out ‘roadhouse.’

You guys, I appreciate Patrick Swayze as much as the next person, but seriously?  The whole page just movie links?

I also discovered that Country Rap is a thing.  I’m kinda scared, frankly, but hey.  If it floats your boat, I’m happy for you!  The thing is that while I’m looking up details for my stories, I learn all sorts of weird things.  The history of blood transfusions is fascinating for example.  Did you know that blood donation and transfusions have a history going back at least as far as 1665?  Granted there were animals involved, and it sounds more than a little shady, but a lot of things from that century sound shady to me…

Other fun things I’ve learned are just little tidbits: a few new (to me) monsters like the emandwa who are household spirits that protect women and assist with fertility.  I’ve read a few timelines of World War 2 and gotten sucked into some amazing stories from it.  I’ve skated over some Japanese temple history and I spent about a week reading every story about Coyote I could get my hands on.

Not everything I research makes it into my writing, of course, but without some sort of foundation to build my worlds upon, and if I fail at that, then it shows pretty clearly I think.  And these little details help me make sure that my story hangs together and can survive a bit of a beating if it needs to.  Also, I learn some of the neatest things!  What odd rabbit hole have you fallen down lately?

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