It’s the winter solstice today, and I just got back from dropping The Boy off at school.  I’ve got all the presents left to wrap (and I bought them all literally yesterday) and I have to work on Sarah’s Inheritance so I can get that out to you fine folks, and I have to bang out some problems with the sequel to Sarah.  And this afternoon I have a meeting at The Boy’s school about his IEP  (Individual Education Plan, because acronyms.  Basically, it’s how we’re all going to deal with the quirks his autism presents.)  Then I have a show to run this evening, which means I have to leave my house around 4 to get there around 6 because D.C. area traffic.

Basically, I’m busy as all heck, and it’s making me late for EVERYTHING.

So I think I’m taking next week mostly off.  I’ll make sure to post something next week, but it probably won’t be new content. If it is at all, it will be a preview of Sarah for your amusement.  So if I don’t get back here to say anything particularly witty, I hope the end of the year is not at all hectic for you.  I’ll be back and I’ll have a list of resolutions, probably, and some talk about the upcoming year’s schedule.  We’ll see how it all pans out.

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