I’m still on my mini vacation, and man am I loving it.  The Boy is out of school this week and as a result, I get to sleep in for reals, not just get up, drive him to school, then come home and pretend I can take a nap before I drive to the theatre because that never works out well for me.  I’m a wake up once, I’m up kinda gal.  And man oh man does getting a few solid nights of sleep make the hugest difference!

8335900587_9fff1019d2_bStill, I’ve gotten a few things done, and one of them is to sit down and make some plans.  Now, I don’t like to discuss politics online for SO many reasons, but I don’t think it’s especially surprising to hear that the recent tax bill affects creators and artists.  As a result, I’ve had to take a hard look at how I run the business end of my writing (AKA the unfun stuff.)  I won’t bore you all with details and dumbness, but the upshot is that I hope to publish at least 5 books in 2018.  With some luck, it will be more like 8, but we’ll see.

I also plan to run some giveaways over on Amazon and a few other ones on my mailing list.  The public ones will be announced here, but the mailing list ones (which will be a little fancier according to current plans) will be only available there, so if you haven’t signed up yet, now’s a good time before I start anything!  I’ll likely do my first mailing list giveaway to celebrate the launch of Sarah’s Inheritance next month.

Brian is going to get a new novel in maybe February or March, depending on if I can get him out of the total mess I’ve gotten him into, otherwise Sarah’s Inheritance and the sequel should tide you over.  Also, I have a completely new series almost ready to be discussed, which should be fun!

plane_windowI have a lot of behind the scenes goals as well, mainly related to marketing and improving my craft, and a few for keeping better track of basically everything.  There are also a few personal goals, like some travel, and moving to Tokyo with The Boy, which will undoubtedly complicate everything.  But then, what fun is life if everything goes to plan?

What about you all?  Any grand schemes or resolutions?

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