As you are all well aware, I spent last week dying of the plague.  Well, okay, not actually dying but damn was it bad.  Everyone here had it in various stages and the less-sick of us took care of the more-sick.  The Boy stayed home for three days, and then when we finally sent him back to school we found out that not only was it a half day but his teacher thought he wasn’t his usual bonkers self so he should come home even earlier than the rest of the kids.  And then Friday there was no school anyway.  Sheesh.

AND as you all know I wasn’t doing a whole ton of writing because honestly I just couldn’t focus.  So instead I slept.  And I read some.  And I watched a lot of Netflix.  Some that I thought was pretty decent (I quite enjoyed The Finder, and Haven seems to be pretty cool so far.) and some was… well…  I got more history lesson out of the ghost hunting show than anything else, but hey, it did give me an idea for a possible short story.

water well

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And that’s the part I’m really excited about.  I didn’t do much writing at all, but I sure did start getting ideas again.  Taking the week off to be sick (which I do realize is a luxury,) turned out to be a pretty great way to start refilling my creative well.

I’ve mentioned a few times here and on the Facebook page that I’ve just been banging my head against a wall built of writer’s block.  Nothing I tried really helped much and poor Brian was languishing in the muck as a result.  Instead, while I was sick I managed to come up with a List Of Terrible Things To Happen to the poor guy, just by sitting on the sofa and watching The Boy play hidden object adventure games.  That led to me rethinking a scene early on in the book, which will end up rejiggering several other scenes down the line, and as a result, I think it’s going to be a more interesting book.

I would never have come up with all that if I hadn’t stepped away from writing to take the time for myself instead.  Added bonus benefit?  We got to be super selfish with our germs and this horrible flu-plague didn’t spread past our household.  So hooray!

I hope none of you have had to suffer any of the nasty illnesses going around this winter— it’s been a bad one, I know.  But if you have, I hope you came out the other side like I did: with a renewed excitement for your current project, whatever it may be, and a bit more mental energy to put towards it.


In case you missed all my fuss, Sarah’s Inheritance is now out, and available on Amazon!  As a launch week special, it’s discounted to 99 cents through the 4th of February.

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