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So one of the things I’ve been working on lately while I’ve been failing to get words on (digital) pages and editing Spirit’s Kindred is lining up book covers.  I’m sure many of you haven’t given a lot of thought to them.  After all, for an average reader, they’re just the pretty picture that may or may not be your sort of art.  Thing is that’s the whole point.   A cover is the very beginning of whatever story is contained behind it.  It’s what a reader hits before the first line of the book, before the synopsis or blurb, and often it’s  even before the title.  So it’s got to be solid.

Sarah’s Inheritance is a totally different kind of cover than I’ve used before, and I’m Sarah's Inheritanceactually somewhat excited by it.  I like the painted feeling of it, and it fits in quite nicely with other covers in the genre rather than standing out, which is more important than I knew when I started.  See, going back to the ‘beginning to tell the story’ point I made a second ago, what a reader such as yourself wants to know about a book when they scroll by it on the ‘Zon, is what sort of story it contains.  If a book has a tough looking pair of people in full combat gear and bazookas, you’re not going to pick it up expecting a sweet teen romance coming of age story, right?

But a decent cover can really cost.  Anywhere from $150 and up for a custom created book cover that a writer can be proud of, and that can really put a dent in the proceedings.  So I’m looking at my calendar and pondering the projects I have lined up, and I’m trying to figure out timing and designers and what sort of images to put with which story (which is not a skill I excel at, let’s just say shall we?)

The upside, however, is that I’ve gotten to look through a few amazing portfolios of some really fantastic artists.  Not that I can afford $500 for a single ebook cover right now, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

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