kettle-copper-steam-boiling-boil-water-ready.jpgI hit a wall pretty hard in December.  I was working on the show, I was trying to get through the holidays, I was sick (I know, running theme this winter,) and I was trying desperately to get some writing done.  My brain just sort of shut down and the words dried up.  January wasn’t much better, though I did manage to eke out a few paragraphs and get Sarah’s Inheritance out, but the new stuff?  I just couldn’t get rolling on it.

And now it’s February, and I’m several weeks out from the show closing.  I’ve been sick (again…) and I’ve rested and read and watched a lot of terrible TV and a few not so terrible movies.  I’ve gone hiking and had meals with family and friends, and I’ve gone to sit in the audience and watch a show without working on it, and generally worked to recharge my creative batteries, and I can feel it working.  I can feel the stories starting to simmer again.

So far it’s little flashes of inspiration that come through.  An idea for a short story (though it could be a novella, we’ll see how it plays out.) A thought on editing a scene for Kindred.  An idea of a terrible thing to do to Brian while he works on his first solo case.  I’m looking at the next few releases and I’m somewhat excited about them.

Still, it’s proving…. difficult at best let’s say.  I sit down at my keyboard and I can feel the stories churning away in my heart, but the words are still not flowing easily.  I’m not going to push it.  I have Kindred to work on, and projects in process that I can tinker with until I get through this and can get back to working on new things again.  I know that you’re waiting for another Riverton story, and I hope to have the Preludes complete for you this summer, along with Brian’s little adventure.  The fine folks at the Village at Rancho San Calafia have maybe a few more bumps in their road as well, even though Sarah has sorted herself out.  I have a whole new series that I might actually integrate into the Spirits of Los Gatos universe if I can figure out a way to do that.  We’ll see.

So the stories are simmering.  I’m hoping that soon they’ll come to a boil and I can get back to the work I really love.


2 thoughts on “Simmering

  1. I just finished Sarah’s Inheritance. I enjoyed the story but the overuse and misuse of exclamation points was exhausting. I’ve stopped reading Heather Graham novel for the same reason, it’s like the characters are constantly shouting in your head. It’s very annoying. There are a number of websites dedicated to helping writers in the proper use of exclamation points. Please do your readers a favor and check them theme out.

    • Thanks for the input, I do love hearing from readers and I’m glad you enjoyed my story. I hadn’t noticed any tendency to use exclamation points over any other punctuation, but I will certainly take a look at it as something to think about.

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