imaginary creatures



Who knows what sort of secret critters and elves live down this way?


I know this post is a little thin, but I’ve been so busy looking things up that I’ve been a bit distracted.  There are so many wonderful monsters out there in the world.  There’s a vampire or two for every culture on the planet, did you know that?  Dracula was merely the most commercially successful of all of them.  There are monstrous birds and dogs and cows.  There are sea monsters and hominids big and small.  And I love it!

The trouble really comes in picking and choosing, then finding enough information to build a character around.  For two of my story universes, the population is widely varied.  There are witches and trolls, kitsune and goblins and gods.  Which means I’m starting to need a binder to keep track of all the details of my versions of all these creatures.

flight-eagle-birds.jpgBut I keep poking around online looking for new creatures and myths to pull into my brain.  For example, I have recently been reading about the stymphalian birds that were the focus of Hercules’ sixth labor.  Metallic feathers and bronze beaks, these raptors were no pushovers, even though the demigod took them down easily enough thanks to some help from Athena and Hephasteus.

Think of that next time you see a pigeon on a statue.  What’s your favorite mythological creature?

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