Rainy Day


As I sit here, writing out this blog post my head feels a bit fuzzy.  It’s raining and almost freezing outside, has been all day, and there are cinnamon rolls (Conjured Mana Buns, excuse me) baking in the oven smelling warm and sweet and yeasty. I just woke up from a nap, you see.  I was reading and warm, and lounging on my bed to take a break from the busy Saturday morning and just dozed right off.  It’s easy to do on a day like this.

I don’t have a ton of things to say here today, thanks in large part to that fuzzy-headedness.  I have coffee and more of that book which is sweet and easy and not filled with the angsty, angry characters I’ve been coming across so often in the fantasy genre lately.  I was looking for a book to review here, but my heart just couldn’t let me read about people who were so determinedly hostile to each other.

males-man-personableSo I’m probably going to write a review of an older book, one of my favorites that I’ve been reading for years, and I hope you’ll enjoy that on Thursday.  Then, I’ll either curl up with another cup of coffee and this book I already have going until it’s time to drizzle the brown sugar glaze on the mana buns.  Maybe chip another few hundred words out of this bonus short story I’ve been fooling around with in the Spirits of Los Gatos universe.  Then this evening The Boy and I will work on finishing up a few more valentines for his classmates— he’s decided to make them each a card rather than just buying a box of them from the store.  I’m both proud of his thoughtfulness and creativity and exhausted at the idea of glue and stamps and stickers for 25 first graders.

In all though, it’s a pretty damned good way to spend a rainy day.


Photo credit: Steve took it via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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