I don’t have a real blog post today, I’m afraid.  I spent this weekend mostly pounding out the end of Brian’s next story, which still needs a title (I’m bad at titles, what can I say?)  I can at this point say pretty confidently that it’s almost ready to start the slide through editing and so on, and I have it tentatively slated for release in April.

So while I was consumed with writing about half-demons and mafia bosses, I managed to forget about blog posts and, you know, basically everything else.  Well, Jellybeans.  I did take a couple of jellybean breaks.

At any rate, I should have a cover reveal soon for A Spirit’s Kindred and the information on that should be up soon.  Basically, it was a very working weekend that kept me from getting any work done.  I hope you’ll forgive me!  I’ll do better for Thursday.

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