Not much to say today since I’m getting ready for some outpatient surgery.  I’m finally having an actual licensed medical professional look at my Head Bumps (under my hair) which have bugged me for a while now.  I am, um… not so good at taking care of myself.

We’re all pretty sure it’s just overgrown scar tissue, but better safe than sorry.  See, I was not the most careful of kids?  And, um, I may have sustained a few head wounds, which honestly probably explains a lot.  And over the past *mumblecough* years the resulting scars have decided to get uppity.  So today I am having them removed, and probably biopsied because that’s what doctors do with stuff the remove from people.

In less terrifying news, A Spirit’s Kindred is now live!  If you’ve been waiting till now to pick it up, the Launch Sale price is still in effect, so go snag yourself a fancy copy and let me know what you think!  I always hit ‘publish’ and then immediately see nothing but flaws in my work, personally, so it can’t be any worse than I’ve already told myself.

Anyway, think kind things for me, please, and if I get an awesome wrap-around head bandage I’ll make sure I post an embarrassing photo on the Facebook page.

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