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Stress is a thing.  It’s a real thing that has real, physical symptoms.  Then you can add on the emotional and mental symptoms and basically stress can make you a terrible mess.  I’ve got headaches, and extra anxiety (actually more than usual, which just makes for all kinds of fun times..) I haven’t been sleeping well, and honestly thinking is difficult.

Coffee doesn’t have much of an effect on me anymore, and that’s not just because I’m drinking too much.

The fact is that there have been some pretty big things happening with my family.  I’m not going to discuss details but it hasn’t been a lot of fun, although we did get to see my husband for a hot second thanks to a hastily arranged 3-day trip from Tokyo to Washington DC.  Still, as much as we loved to see him, the exhaustion and the weird appetite, the feeling of uselessness from being unable to actually do anything to help in this situation, and the feeling like I’m trying to think through a skull full of slush is really starting to get to me.

So I have to do something.  It’s spring break here, so The Boy is out of school for a week.  We’ll go hiking and to a museum or two.  Go outside in the spring sunshine and get some exercise and just shake up our routine a bit.  It’ll be good for us, and maybe I’ll be able to sleep at night again, finally.

Also, I might have to look into cutting back on the coffee.  Maybe.

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