Forming habits

As I have mentioned before, I am frequently plagued by Anxiety Gnomes. They make it difficult to do a number of things, most notably sleep at night, but they also interfere with my writing.  To that end, I’ve been trying to practice better self-care.  The trouble with that of course, is this generation’s favorite pair of problems: with what time and money exactly?


Someday my arms will look like that…  Maybe…

Well, the answer for me, recently, has involved a bit of an adjustment of my routine.  Instead of wandering down to my laptop at some point in the morning, I’ve been sitting down right after I get back from dropping my son off at school and setting a timer.  I’ll put on some music, close the door, and write for a half an hour or so until my timer goes off.


See, that’s when the sneaky part of the plan kicks in.  When the alarm goes off I have to get up and walk around a little and do some sort of exercise. I’ve been doing push-ups and yoga stretching and jumping jacks.  A few different things I’ve looked up online that don’t require any equipment.  But I pick one or two exercises and I’ll do 5 or 10 of each one every time the alarm goes off.

I also get a glass of water before I sit back down


and inevitably fall down some internet rabbit hole.  (I spent 45 minutes the other day ‘driving’ on California freeways via Google Earth to figure something out for the next Los Gatos book.).


I don’t know if this new plan is going to make a huge amount of difference in my overall health, but I do feel better in general.  I’m actually sleeping at night— well, more often anyway— and my eyes are feeling less horrible.  And I’m actually being way more productive, even with the little ten minute breaks!

Next issue I’m targeting?  The pain in my shoulder that seems to stem from spending so much time typing.  Not really sure how I’ll get around that one.

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