I have something to admit.  I was not very productive this weekend.  I didn’t even manage to get dressed.  I did venture out on the front stoop to sit with my coffee on Sunday afternoon when the sun was gloriously tempting, but otherwise, I pretty much hid in my room for a little over 48 hours.



me, this weekend.


See, my brain crashed completely on Friday afternoon while I was having my eyes checked to get my glasses updated. (Something about sitting in front of a computer while writing or reading for about two-thirds of every day seems to affect my vision.  Go figure.). I crashed so hard that I couldn’t even manage to tell the nice folks doing the exam the right number of letters on the last line, let alone what letters they were.  It was maybe a reverse Miss Marple: instead of being dismissed as a fluffy-minded old lady who is really sharp as a tack and can see all the connections, I was probably viewed as a competent, well-put-together adult who had the brain of a jar of whipped marshmallow.

So… I didn’t get much work done.  I caught up on sleep (slightly.)  I played some Super Mario Oddessy with The Boy.  I read about 6 books on Kindle Unlimited (and I have a few opinions about one of them, I’ll maybe post about that on Thursday.) But I just couldn’t manage to sit down for more than 10 minutes to do anything work-related.

It was hardly surprising, I suppose, after the past few weeks.  April, in general, was a rough month full of fairly heavy real-life stuff, so my brain deciding that it had had it at some point was probably something I should have expected.  Still, it inspired me to get


Okay, maybe I’m not here *yet* today, but I’m working on it.

up bright and early this morning and get showers and dressed and all made up for the day long before I had to.  And you know what?  It feels pretty good, actually.


I realize that weekends like this are a bit of a luxury for me while I’m still living with my parents before the Big Move.  Still, I’m going to capitalize on my good fortune while I can, and honestly, I feel a lot better today than I did last week.  Have you ever had a weekend like that?

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  1. It seems that to not have had such an episode would not be human. I’ve had similar experiences, both longer and shorter, to varying degrees; sometimes like an overturned boat, sometimes a 5-minute pity-party, often a needed pause that allows for a bit of dust-settling. That necessary Pause That Refreshes! Congratulations!

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