Odd insomnia


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I experienced the weirdest thing I’ve come across in years, just last night.  Well, this morning.  I couldn’t sleep.  No, no.  It wasn’t like that, I can hear you thinking about my battles with the Anxiety Gnomes and all that insomnia stuff where I lay awake for hours stressing out about all the things that could possibly go wrong and so on, but this wasn’t like that!  It was crazy!

See, I woke up in the wee small hours of the morning.  It was maybe 3 am, 4 at the very latest, and I got up and did all the middle of the night stuff one does to go back to sleep, and… nothing.  My brain flashed back to a book I read years ago in which a guy who has visions of the future tried to convince a woman to marry him for her own safety or Bad Things Would Happen, and even though she knew about his visions, she flipped out and yelled at him, and stormed off and immediately got into very serious, death-if-she’s-lucky danger that could have been avoided if she’d put the damn ring on.

Haven’t read that book in years.  Haven’t even thought about it.  Couldn’t tell you anyone’s name, but I remember that the guy had purple streaks in his hair for some reason.  I remember thinking that the lady in question was being a complete brat, and rude on top of it all, and as I lay there in the dark, wondering why the heck I was awake at all, I decided that I kinda wish he’d left her to her fate, since that’s the one she’d chosen.  I guess I’m kinda vindictive at 5 am…


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So it was just normal, everyday, boring old insomnia this morning.  I did finally fall back to sleep right after The Boy got up to help his grandma make coffee, and I had a *very* strange dream involving a voice actor recording, a friend of my husband’s, and a noodle dish I’m pretty sure I invented just for the dream.  I’ll unpack that oddity on my own, but I’m weirdly glad that I have started moving back to plain old insomnia.  On the other hand… I’m feeling a bit goofy now from lack of sleep.  Do you have any tricks for dealing with waking up in the middle of the night?9185853549_8269a29182_c

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