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Yeah, motivation is still a problem.  I feel like I’m dragging words out my fingers rather than letting them flow naturally.  Some of that is stuff I can’t really help: the way my theatre job is affecting my mood (it’s hard history, you guys.  And it’s depressing.  The more things change…) the speed at which various governments work.  Organizing for the move is endless details of crap and tiny things.  I can’t control my kid’s mood, or my energy levels, or whether I catch this damn cold again.

But there are a few things I can very much control: the relative healthiness of my meals, getting up in the morning and actually sitting down to work, and to some extent, I can control my surroundings.  You see, I prefer these days to work in the dining room, which has a wonderful view of our backyard, but also has a wonderful, direct-shot to our neighbor’s leaf blower compulsion every day when she gets home from work.


So I do what I can.  I grab the earbuds and plug into my laptop and pull up something to drown out the noise.  Often it’s a Pandora station.  I have a few that I started from things like Carbon Leaf or World of Warcraft soundtracks or the Yoshida Brothers.  They’ve all gotten pretty eclectically weird though.  Sometimes I pull up a ‘productivity radio’ website which seems to be mostly club music with a steady beat and few words.

Sometimes, however, I want something a little different.  So I dig up some ambient radio.  There’s a ton of ambient sound sites out there, and you can find something to suit just about any location you want.  Right now, for example, I’m listening to the vague distractions of a Medieval Town.  It’s full of sheep and distant cows, horses pulling wagons and the wheels gritting over the dirt road, kids laughing and people chatting as they walk by.  There’s some sort of metal clinking somewhere, maybe a blacksmith.  If I feel like a drink I can pop into any one of the nearby taverns— there are several options to decide between, from Alien Nightclub to Mountain Tavern.  I can go anywhere.


Dude, move before the next cart comes by.  You’re blocking the market square!     Photo via Visualhunt

I love this site.  There are others as well, plenty to pick from.  Prefer something inspired by your favorite fandom?  This is a great place to check.  Want something more natural?  Mix your own here.  I find that this sort of thing is immeasurably helpful when I’m trying to get my mind onto my work and get the words flowing again.   What sort of thing do you like to listen to when you’re working?

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