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This month has been brutal so far.  So much going on that I can’t even get my brain around it at this point.  My last show closed, and that was way more emotional than I was expecting it to be.  I got started on Brewing Trouble, and managed to get a good chunk into it, which makes me happy.  The first peek at chapter one is up for my patrons, even!  I re-edited and reformatted Sarah’s Inheritance in preparation for the paperback edition (which, I think, is available now?  I have to check Amazon…) and Spirit’s Kindred is looking to get the same treatment before the end of the month!

Then this past weekend I saw a friend of mine who’s in DC for vacation.  I haven’t seen his family since one of his kids was brand new right out of the package, and oh man is she a force to be reckoned with now.  Both his kids are bright, and sharp, and poised and between them IMG_9063.JPGand The Boy, I just hope that our future overlords remember that we used to buy them ice cream and stuff, cause dang.  We hit the Smithsonian Museum of American History and then swung by the National Archives for good measure.  It will be one of the things I truly miss about this area.  The museums and just general access to such important things.  We got to see Jefferson’s writing desk, the Swedish Chef, and the Constitution of the United States, all in one day.

Of course, that meant I was not only physically tired by the end of it but as an introvert, that was a lot of being social and ‘on’ in public all at once.  I was basically useless on Monday, which held up my plans to get our visas in order for the move.

Which means that we ended up heading to the Embassy of Japan to get our papers in order on Tuesday instead.  Which would have been fine if I hadn’t failed as an adult and left the one document I needed— the one my husband waited on in Tokyo for about 6 weeks— on the tray of the copy machine in the office at home.  So.  We had to trek back home, then all pile back int he car to take it back to the embassy.  The lady who helped me was very nice, but I have no doubt at all that she was mentally rolling her eyes at the lunatic American lady she was about to allow access to her country.

Ah well.


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Beyond that there’s been the packing and the ordering stuff that I need for the packing, and then getting medical records and prescriptions and all sorts of other exciting things and generally pretending that I’m a functional adult when all I want to do is hide in my bedroom with a few thousand books and a very large margarita and pretend everything’s gonna fix itself if I ignore it long enough.

Instead, I got a summons for jury duty the Monday after we leave the country.  Guess I have another phone call to make.

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