Cooling off period

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I have a rant to post, but it’s… a little ranty, and a wise person once said to me never to post something online when I’m mad or drunk.  So…  Let me get back to y’all.  Maybe tomorrow if I can think a little more rationally.


Being a reader is tough when you get blindingly angry at your imaginary friends.  Anyone else have this problem?

4 thoughts on “Cooling off period

  1. YES, one to the point I had no choice but call them out on their post (privately) which over time lead to me blocking them. I abhor plagiarism of my own work and or style as well as their use of a self-serving adage that “being copied by others was a form of flattery”. I still call it theft- myself.

    You are following sound advice. I’ve learned to take a bit of time and reflect was I so angry, maybe it was more about me than what they posted. If so, I refrained and re-examined it and myself another day. On a few occasions I discovered I needed to slow down my speed reading which had lead me off my angry cliff.

    • I felt pretty sludgy after I wrote the rant, too, which didn’t inspire me to post it. Nobody needs more toxicity in their lives, and I don’t want to start any internet battles!

  2. Though not imaginary characters, I have a found myself thinking about a situation, becoming angry, followed and fed by imaginary angry exchanges with real people but taking place in my mind. Seems a useful exercise in some cases because it never happens the way I imagined and was a way for me to p let myself “be seen” – if only by me.

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