Big Reveal

You guys, I have a cover!  I have a couple, actually, but one of them’s for the newsletter folks.  ANYway.  I got the cover for Sarah’s Inheritance, and I’m super excited!  Wanna see it?  Oh, okay then, I guess I can show you.

Sarah's Inheritance

Pretty wild, huh?  I deliberately wanted this cover to be different from the Riverton Novels since it’s a distinctly different universe.  I don’t have a ton to say about it here, but I’m really pleased.  I’ll be finishing pulling the book together today or tomorrow, and make it available January 28.  Here’s the ‘back cover copy’ (even though there isn’t a back cover right now…)

Sarah knew she was getting a house.  She didn’t know about the rest of it.

Learning of her grandmother’s death shook Sarah Richards.  She hadn’t seen the woman since she was a child, kept far away on the other side of the country by her controlling mother.  They had built a long-distance relationship though secret phone calls and unmentioned emails, and even though Sarah was now well into adulthood she still hadn’t gathered the courage to go visit the grandmother she missed, and now it was too late.  Now, though, she owned the house Gran had lived in, and Sarah was determined to break free of her mother’s grasp.  Moving from New York City to a town just outside of San Jose, California was scary, but she felt drawn there to learn more about her grandmother, and if she was lucky, to find her own path in life.

What she didn’t expect was to be thrown into a supernatural battle between monsters from her worst nightmares and Gran’s strange, not-quite-human friends.  It turns out that the house was the least important part of what Rosemary Richards passed down to her granddaughter, and now Sarah has to decide if she is willing to learn more about the world she’s been dumped into or if she would rather go back to her mother where life was dull, but at least it was safe.

Sarah’s Inheritance is the first book in the Spirits of Los Gatos series.  If you like Andre Norten and Jaymim Eve, you’ll enjoy this tale of one woman finding out what she actually wants from life.  Buy Sarah’s Inheritance now and see what secrets Los Gatos is hiding.

StockSnap_3BWN7KIF4TI’ve been chipping away at Brian, as well.  It’s a pretty rough first draft so far, and I feel like it’s really short.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that, but I’ll get it off to my alpha reader in the next couple of weeks I hope, so we’ll see about all that.  Spirit’s Kindred is bubbling along as well.  It’s out to my beta readers right now, and I’ll be hopefully starting edits on that in a week or so.  I’m really afraid that I’m going to have to push the publication dates back a bit, though.  Life has gotten way more full of assorted crap than I’d left time for, so it’s all going a bit more slowly than I hoped, so we’re looking at end of February maybe early March for the Sarah sequel.  We’ll see.

Anyway, what do you think?  It’s pretty different, isn’t it?

Personal Demons

Katherine_Kim_KSo you have no doubt heard by now that my next book is in preorder.  It’s a little bit of a different take on Riverton, poor Michael being merely a side character in this one.  Still, I rather like Brian, and now that he’s gotten through this little adventure, it turns out he’s pretty determined.  I have his next adventure already simmering away and hopefully the step back I’ve had to take from writing this month will help my brain sort through the bit where I kind of got the poor guy stuck. (Seriously, 12 hour work day plus commute time doesn’t exactly lend itself to scheduling in time to write a novel.) (And I bet you thought working in theatre was all glamorous all the time…)

Anyhow, I am providing for you now, free of charge, another look into Brian’s dilemma.  Well, one of them at any rate.  I hope you enjoy it and find yourself intrigued enough by the guy to see how his story intersects with Michael’s most recent adventure.  And if you would enjoy advance excerpts from what I’m working on right now, do sign up for my newsletter!  That link over there in the sidebar will take you to my signup page!


“You’ll regret this,” Kevin hissed, his fake smile finally falling away.  His eyes narrowed for a moment, glaring at Laura, then his fist was flying towards Brian’s face. Instinct moved Brian’s arm to stop the blow.

“I suggest you leave now,” Brian said, his hand wrapped firmly around Kevin’s wrist and holding it a good six inches away from making contact.  He didn’t feel any guilt over knowing that the wrist under his fingers would be bruised and probably swollen after this encounter.  Kevin clearly needed physical evidence of how badly outclassed he was in this fight.  Maybe the minor injury would keep him from starting another one?  The men’s eyes met for a long moment, both full of rage, before Kevin’s gaze dropped and he yanked his arm out of Brian’s grip.  He stormed out of the cafe and slammed the door behind him.

The silence after the bang of the door was broken after a few seconds by someone in the back clapping.  Soon the whole place was full of applause and shouts of “You tell him, girl!”  and “That guy’s a damn hero!”  and “Lemmee buy you two a coffee!”  One of the waiters came up and tapped Brian’s shoulder.

“Hey.  You want me to call the cops about that guy?” he said.  Laura shook her head.

“I just want to go home.”  She shivered and glanced at the door Kevin had just slammed.  The waiter nodded.

“Y’all can go on out the back door if you want.  In case that asshole’s still hanging around.”  Brian looked at Laura who just nodded and followed the waiter out through the small kitchen.  They walked out through the back, down the alley behind the shops, and out into a street several blocks over.  They were maybe halfway back to Laura’s apartment when she finally spoke again.

“Thank you,” she said.  Brian glanced over at her.  She looked pale and shaken, but unafraid.

“Anytime.  What a creep,” he said.  She just nodded. And walked a bit further.

“I didn’t know any better back then.  And he wasn’t so quick to show his creepy side.”

“Hey, we’ve all got at least one ex that we’re ashamed of, right?”  He smiled at her and got a small grin in return.  “Might be worth calling a lawyer and seeing if you can do anything though.  Like a restraining order or something, he seemed pretty determined.  Any idea why he’d show up like that now?  I know it’s none of my business.  It just feels a bit shady to me, for what that’s worth.”

She shook her head.  “I have no idea.  But you’re right,”  She looked up at him. “And I think your opinion is worth a lot.  Thanks.”  They turned a corner and she stopped, putting a hand on his elbow to stop him as well.

“I’m scared, Brian.  Kevin was never quite that…”  she groped for a word.  “That crazy, I guess.  I don’t know how to explain it.  And there was power swirling around, too.  I work at the Temple library so I know how it feels well enough to notice it.  I’m really scared.”  She looked up at him, tears filling her eyes but refusing to spill over.  He tried not to react too strongly to her statement, instead concentrating on her frightened shiver.  He could almost feel her fear as a physical thing in front of him.  His arm moved almost on its own as it wrapped around her shoulders.    

“It’s okay.  As long as I’m here, I’ll do my best to keep you and Owen both safe.”  Brian had no idea where that promise had come from, but he knew that it bought him at least a few more days of pretending to be normal, and he wasn’t above a little greed.  She leaned into his hug and rested her head against his chest and he felt her trying to control her breathing.  “Hey, it’s going to be fine, okay?”

She nodded into his shoulder.  Brian wondered how big of a jerk it made him that he was pleased she was comforted by him instead of scared of him after that display of violence.  He wasn’t used to anyone being glad that he lost his temper, even in such a small way as he had in the cafe.

“I know.  I just…  I just need this for a minute,” she said.  Laura turned towards him fully and put her hands up against his chest, holding onto little handfuls of his shirt.   After a minute she shook her head as if clearing her head, and stepped back again.  She was trembling slightly, but didn’t say anything else.  Brian didn’t know what else to do but hold on while she needed it.

“Sorry about that.  It’s so hard to be strong all the time for Owen.  Sometimes I just need to lean on someone.”  She flickered a smile at him.  “Usually it’s Mom and Dad.  Thanks for putting up with me.”

“Nothing to put up with at all.”  Brian felt heat creep over his ears.  “Everyone could use a hug once in a while, right?  I’m happy to oblige.”  They started walking again.

“So!  Do you have any sort of plan for what you’re doing next?”  Laura asked.  He was more than glad to change the subject.

“No, not particularly,” he answered.  “I was just hopping on my bike and going wherever I felt like.  Riverton seemed to be a nice place to stop for a while.  I was in New York last, and it was fun, but man it was busy, you know?  Riverton has a slower sort of vibe to it, but there’s still lots to do.”

“Would you maybe consider staying?  Just for a while?”  She said it quietly, still looking ahead of them, towards her building, but she spoke clearly.

Brian started to answer then closed his mouth and just breathed.  Should he risk it?  He didn’t want to risk them getting hurt, and he didn’t want to face his own pain when it all fell apart like it inevitably would.  Staying here actually with people who were getting to know him seemed like begging for disappointment, but it was so freaking appealing.  He liked Owen, and Laura was so damn tough, working and raising her son, and standing up to her jackass ex in the cafe.  It was the thought of Kevin coming back around that really gave him pause.  After a few steps he answered.

“Yeah.  I can stay as long as you need me.”


Welp!  I told you to watch this space.  A Demon Saved is up for pre-order (or purchase, depending on when you read this…) thanks to the vagaries of book releases, and the level of my skills before the coffee has seeped into my brain, the paperback will be available slightly before the e-book.  Either way, my friends, you too can own a spanking new book in mere days!

The other book, Personal Demons, won’t be available for another few weeks, but I consider these two to be joined at the hip almost.  They share events, and have some overlap, though they focus on entirely new characters.

So!  To get you all excited, here’s one final excerpt from A Demon Saved for you to enjoy.  Poor Michael gets into a terrible mess in this book.


The cave was dry, at least, and had been carved out into a series of rooms and passages at some point.  It smelled of dirt and rock and sawdust and something Michael couldn’t quite identify.  Something sweet.  He followed the main passage further into the hillside, descending into the earth.  He noted the kitchen, the smell of cave giving way to the smell of cooking and spices.  He found a storage room full of musty crates that might be left over from the mining operation, and a room full of equipment and clothing, but no weapons.  There must be an armory somewhere nearby.

He stumbled as he was leaving the dressing room, and put his hand out to the wall to catch himself.  Caution, he reminded himself, he needed to be careful here, not clumsily tripping over a loose rock or whatever it had been.  He would rather confront Milquert himself and leave the human forces to the police, and he couldn’t avoid the lackeys if he alerted them to his intrusion through carelessness.

Further in, now.  He found a small library, more like a cell for study, and a room with beds and trunks.  Clearly the barracks for the guards he’d attended to already and a few others.  Michael blinked and frowned.  His vision was significantly better than a human’s, especially in the dark, but the deeper into this fortress he got, the harder he had to work to see clearly.  A fog was rising up to obscure things.  He took a deep breath, trying to ignore the foul, sweet smell that felt almost thick in his throat.  It was getting stronger the deeper into the underground lair he got.  Perhaps there was a garbage dump near the back of the tunnels?

Michael rubbed his eyes hoping to clear them a bit, and stretched out with his other senses again.  It wasn’t just his eyes, his mind felt foggy.  That faintly sweet undertone that had followed him through his whole journey underground now clogged his nose and choked the breath in his lungs.  His throat felt like it was closing off his air.  His head snapped up, the realization hitting him like a club.  He’d long ago read about the incense that could take out armies, but had never thought it was more than a story.  Something based on some sort of dust or gas weapon that could be fired into attacking forces, but clearly he’d misjudged the truth of those ancient reports.  He had to get outside, to clear air.

He stumbled back the way he had come, being exaggeratedly careful and feeling like a drunk.  He had to keep his hand on the wall now, for balance, and still he had to concentrate on staying on his feet.  He shook his head trying to clear the heavy blanket of drugging smoke from his consciousness, but only succeeded in making himself dizzy.  Another stumble had him landing on his knees, his hand sliding across the stone of the wall and skidding onto the floor.

He knelt there, struggling for breath before trying to stand again, but his legs wouldn’t move the way he needed them to, wouldn’t support his weight.  He realized that in his struggle he had ended up sprawled in the dirt of the tunnel floor, immobile and helpless.  For the second time in as many weeks, Michael felt fear spike through his chest, then a moment later he felt nothing.

Personal Demons, available on Amazon



One of the things I’ve been neck deep in lately— and one of the really tough parts of being an independent author— is writing back cover copy for my books.   It’s the paragraph or two on the back cover or the dust jacket flap or the ebook description that tells you what the book is about.  It’s basically a sales pitch for the book, and can make or break a sale.  So, you know.  No pressure.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  I mean, I just wrote the book, I should know enough about it to sum it up, make it sound appealing, get people interested, right?

Ugh.  You guys.  Back cover copy is the worst.  I mean, I just wrote a whole novel to explain what happens to my characters.  How do I cram that all into about 200 (ish) words?  I mean seriously.  My first attempts always end up sounding like a preschooler reciting the plot of their favorite movie.  (There’s this guy and he’s made out of Legos and he likes to build stuff cause he’s a builder lego man and then he falls in a hole, but wait first he tries to hang out with his friends but they leave him and this thing gets stuck to his back and it’s called the Kragle  and then there’s a girl who saves him by building stuff out of other stuff…) Um… yeah.  Not exactly something that would encourage someone to pick up a book, yeah?  (Or The Lego Movie, either, frankly.)

There are a million web pages out there that offer helpful hints and tips and tricks.  Heck, there’s whole books devoted to it.  Think about that for a second.  There are entire books devoted to helping people write two to three paragraphs.  And I still can’t get my head around it.

Still, I do my best, and I have a few trusted folks look over what I’ve come up with and hopefully I’ve struck the right balance between giving a good overview of the story so that a reader knows what to expect and teasing them with a hint at the possible endings.  Naturally, I hope not to give too much away.  Because even when you know the characters in question are going to get a happily-ever-after ending, you still don’t want to know how they get there.


The good news is that this post means A Demon Saved is about to go up for pre-order.  Watch this space!



So everyone knows the State of the Author, I’ve decided that a few updates are in order.  I’m editing things right now.  Big shock, I know, I’ve been talking about it for weeks now, but I can honestly tell you that I’ve made huge amounts of progress!  In fact, one book is finished and almost ready to go!  Just that fiddly cover getting/formatting/prepping-for-print-and-upload nonsense that everyone insists upon so strongly is left now.

But I’m not just editing my own stuff, either, which is wacky to me.  I’ve been working on my critique skills in a few ways and I’m a bit proud of my progress.  My dad has some fun work on the simmer, and it seems only fair to offer my service as his beta reader since he does the same for me.  Common wisdom is not to use friends and family as your readers since they’ll try to spare your feelings even if your work is terrible.  These people have clearly never met my friends or family.

Although when one of my other friends sent me his first chapter, I did try to soften the blow a little by using my ‘nice’ words and not swearing as much.  Still told him where it sucked though.  I’m mean that way— but then it was nice to hear he’d gone back through his work and taking most of my advice.

It’s nice to feel like I’m making a difference in the world.

So, with my son back in school here in the US, hopefully hardcore learning some mad classroom behavior skills, and half my fall releases in a more or less finalized form, I’m feeling like we’re in pretty good shape here at Chez Riverton.  I’m able now to look ahead to next year’s slate— maybe another Riverton book to work on, but definitely some fun non-Riverton adventures in California to amuse you all, waiting on deck to be subjected to edits and revisions and all that fun stuff.  I’m not reading up on mythology just for funnies, you know.

So in the next couple of weeks sometime I’ll finally be able to post the cover for A Demon Saved, (hey, a title!) and hopefully shortly after that I can post the cover for Personal Demons (what?  Two titles?!) which will be up for pre-order soon.  I’ll also post some more excerpts, and finally introduce you to Brian.  He’s got a few troubles, but I’ve grown rather fond of him


Here’s a forest.  Because I like them.  



Yeah.  This is the obvious reference to go here.  Photo credit: Camera John via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

I had so many ‘critical’ jokes ready to go until I sat down and started typing.  Ah well.

I’m a writer (you may have noticed) which means that I sit down at my keyboard every day— ok, most days— and somehow manage to a few hundred or maybe a couple of thousand words out of my fingers and into Scrivener.  I can promise you that they’re mostly total garbage, and you should be really glad that you don’t get to see them.  I’ve posted a few things up that I’ve said are ‘totally raw’ and unedited and whatnot, but that’s me lying to myself as much as anything.  I start editing a piece almost before I finish writing it.  I nearly always go back at the end of my day and reread everything I put down, and by the time I walk away things are often very different than they were.

That said, and I’m sure that you’ve had this experience yourself if you’re over ten years old, I get too familiar with my own work and can’t see the flaws as clearly as someone coming to it fresh.  Or, just as often, I can see nothing but flaws and feel like everything is total garbage and I’m a failure as a writer and also I’m a terrible human being and…  well you get the idea.

So that’s where editors and beta readers and so forth come in.  But even before I sent my work to those people, I want it to be in the best shape I can get it, and that’s where the critiques of other writers come in so freaking handy.

StockSnap_8NX6EPAWCBThe thing is, though, that a lot of people have no idea how to give a good critique, and I am ashamed to say that I am one of them.  I remember a creative writing class I took in college where we were all required to pass around copies of our story and listen to the whole class dig in.  It was brutal and most of what was said was unhelpful at best and mean at worst, and the woman leading the class seemed satisfied by every thoughtless word of it. Frankly, it turned me off of writing at all for years.  It wasn’t until I was idly chatting about an idea I had and my husband encouraged me to write a few paragraphs about it that I started in again.

But criticism is important, and a good critique can be absolutely vital to making a decent story good or a good story great.  “I like this bit, very moody.   “That character’s a real witch!!” “Why would she do that, it makes no sense.”  “I had to read this a few times to really understand what you meant.  Maybe cut it into two sentences and describe the place better.”  These are among the sort of things I need to know to make my work as good as it can be, and while I don’t always agree (I’ve had critiques that were almost entirely about my style rather than anything else,) I often find a lot of guidance in a good critique.

The other side of the coin, of course, is in order to receive, one must be willing to give.  Which means I need to work on my own critiquing skills.  I need to polish up my “I” phrases (“I think this needs to be two paragraphs.” “I hate that guy!” “I want to reach through my screen and throttle you for this story….”)  and I need to remember how to not simply fall into the prose and just let the story swirl around me like I am so prone to doing, because it’s difficult to help someone when you’re just floating along on the current.


StockSnap_3BWN7KIF4TSo now I’m going to go back and work on the first chapter of one of my next books. I’ve had some excellent feedback.  I’m not sure that I’ll put the whole book through this process, but I’ll definitely put up more of it, to help me ensure a good read for all of you.

A taste


Today is a fancy special treat for you, my dear readers!  I am spending most of today sitting on an airplane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, so in the hopes that you’re finding more entertainment than I am, probably, I am presenting to you a small taste of A Demon Saved, which is Coming Soon.  If you check in my Facebook page then you know that I’m having a slight crisis in publication schedule, so I won’t be able to confirm when preorders will be open just yet.  I’m hoping that by the time I get back from vacation I’ll have somewhat more solid details for you.  That said…  you may get to taste the other project that is fighting for first dibs before I announce the release schedule.  So either way you win. I ‘m thinking.

I have to admit though, that I am totally in love with this cover, and I had to show it off as soon as possible.  Add to that some phenomenal notes from my award-winning teacher, top-tier fan and beta-reader Wendy, and I couldn’t help myself from posting this here for you to enjoy while I try to survive the last few hours of being trapped in a small space with my extremely energetic 6 year old.  Enjoy!

“I don’t know who you are but I can’t think of one single reason that a non-human would be anything but an enemy to you.  I will not let you touch Michael, so back the fuck off,”  May growled.

“I am a nefil, and a healer.  I merely wish to help.  If you do not allow me to help then the poison will continue to spread, and there will be no saving him.”  The woman stood quietly, waiting for May’s answer.  “As it is I am not completely sure that I can help anyway.  The poison has been working for some time, if I understand correctly.”

May’s eyes shot involuntarily to the blood-soaked bandage and the lines wiggling out from it.

“How do you know about the poison?”  She asked, not quite ready to trust this woman.  Nefil and demons were clear enemies, and that was putting it mildly.  The few hazy stories that survived in the Temple’s archives were extremely clear on that subject at least.  “You can’t really expect me to believe that you just happened to hear about this injured demon in the Human Realm and came hurrying here to help out of pure kindness.  I don’t care what the reputation of your kind is, I am not so gullible to believe that.  Nefil haven’t been seen in this realm for millennia, why would you return now?  And while the stories claim nefil helped humans, they most certainly did not help demons.”

“No.  You are right.”  The woman put her box down on the chair May had leapt from and opened it with a gusty sigh, carefully placing what looked like surgical tools on the rolling metal stand from the corner.  “I was already here, in this very building when I heard; I was telling one of your Elders about why I am in the Human Realm when the news came and I could not stand idle.  This is, unfortunately, more than likely related to my mission.  As a result of that, I feel that I must take some responsibility for the situation and help this man if I can, no matter what realm he is from.  I believe I know the one who created that poison.  I am not the only nefil in this Human Realm at this moment,” the woman closed her eyes for a moment, pausing in her setup.  She looked up at May, her blue eyes filled with regret meeting the human’s wary hazel ones.  May could feel the weight of the guilt this woman carried as it settled over the room.  “Long, long ago there was a war.  It was brutal and violent and laid waste to all three realms as nefil and demon tried to exterminate each other.  My people’s leaders long ago realized that the war we waged was never going to end, our people are far too well matched by the demon forces.  So they decided to teach humans what they could to be able to defend themselves against the demon realm and closed off the most accessible gateways to our own realm.  It sealed us off, mostly, from the conflict and after a few centuries we had all moved on.  Now not even the oldest of our race remembers the Great Wars, it has been relegated to the histories and is held as a reminder of the evils that violence and aggression hold.  My… associate Milquert, however, became obsessed with the histories.  He seemed to think that we had abandoned humanity to be ravaged and fall to demonic forces.  He travelled through a Gate to…” she shook her head slowly.  “I don’t even know what he plans, but to me this looks like his work. I am afraid of what he may unwittingly start.  I came to prevent him from doing something foolish.  Like attacking the Temple.”

May wavered.  If what this woman said was true, the ramifications…  Michael would know better what to do, he was the strategist of their team.  Things like this were far more political than May was comfortable with, but it was like bread to him.  She looked back at him on the bed and her stomach lurched again.  Michael lay on the bed, so still she almost thought it was too late already.  It was only her sense of him through their bond of Guardianship that assured her he still lived.  The woman was right about one thing, anyway.  There was nothing that the human doctors could do.

“Why do you think you can help?  What do you know about healing demons that we don’t?”  May asked.

“Probably nothing,” the woman admitted, turning to frown at the wound.  “I have never seen one of his kind before, nor until just a few days past had I ever seen a human.  But I do know a great deal about what Milquert knows, and how he works.  If I can draw this poison out of the wound, or neutralize it somehow, your friend will have a better chance to fight the effects.  If I can’t, then it will continue seeping through his body and he will die.”  She stood, finished laying out her tools and a few bottles.  “First I must identify what sort of poison he used.  I have a few suspicions, but I must test them.  Just trying antidotes at random could make things worse.”

May looked over the tray, then over at Michael’s pale form, his demon’s face looking even more alien than usual, even with his huge, seemingly bottomless eyes closed.  A sheen of sweat covered him, but when she reached out to take his hand it was ice cold.

“Priestess, he is dying,” the nefil said, her voice gentle and sad.  May’s lip quivered and her vision swam for a moment before she blinked then met the woman’s gaze.  May nodded.

“What do we do?”

Odds and Ends


Lots of things coming up over the next few weeks in my universe.  I’m working on the print version of A Demon’s Sanction, and with some luck that should be available in a week or two.  It’s rather startling how many minor typos and such you can find in a printed version of something.

The Goodreads contest was quite a success, in my opinion.  And it was a ton of fun for me to wake up every morning and see that there were so many people entering, it started to feel like I was the one getting the prizes!  Even mailing off the prizes was a ton of fun for me, which is odd until you realize that my local Post Office ladies are amazing and I love them forever.  I expect that it won’t be the last contest I ever run over there, so if you missed out this time around, keep your eyes peeled.  I’ll let everyone know when the next one is coming up.

Another fun and exciting thing coming down the pipeline is the third Riverton novel:  A Demon Saved.  My Beta Readers are getting their notes back to me and I’m starting on final edits soon.  I’ll probably publish an excerpt or two in the coming weeks, as much to give you a taste as to give myself a small reprieve here on the blog because…

I am traveling to Japan at the end of the month!  My husband, as some of you know, lives there and our son and I miss him terribly.  We finally have a chance to go visit him for a few weeks in Tokyo and we are super excited!  The only trouble, really, is that it means my schedule is all shot to pieces.  I have no idea how well I’ll be able to get posts up, so I’m planning to schedule posts ahead of time.  I apologize if everything here gets a bit screwy for a week or two.  At least you’ll know why!

So there’s a bit of housekeeping for you, my faithful readers.  Bits, bobs, and things you might like to know.



Guest bunny not pictured.

What better way is there to spend an afternoon than with a hot cup of coffee, a spot in the garden, and a good adventure?

Okay, okay, so I’ve read this one before about a thousand times.  Still, it’s an odd feeling to hold a physical copy of my ebook in my hands.  It’s just a proof copy in this photo, but it’s nevertheless a surreal moment.  Maybe surreal isn’t the right word.  Unreal, maybe?

So there is the first Big Announcement.  There will be physical copies available of A Demon’s Duty available to order in the next day or so depending on the vagaries of updating a listing for those who prefer that lovely pulp-and-glue scent of a paper version, and soon there will be a printed version of A Demon’s Sanction available as well.  I know I’m actually enjoying it myself, which is a pit of a surprise.  The whole experience of a story is different when you have to actually turn the page rather than tap or click the edge of a screen.

Naturally, that’s not all that there is going on behind the pages over here, but it’s more than enough for this week, I think.  Summer vacation approaches faster than I can prepare for it, so expect to hear about some real life adventures as well as some excitement for your favorite demon and his growing circle of friends and allies.

I think that even Michael would have a tough time keeping up with an excited kindergartner on summer vacation… maybe.